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Celeriac is a humble looking root vegetable that is quickly becoming a fall and winter staple. If you've never tried this before, think of it like a potato... that tastes like celery. The main attraction is the root, though the whole plant is edible. The celeriac root can be used in place of celery in most recipes, and usually is used in soups, or roasted as you would other root vegetables like sweet potato or turnip. It pairs beautifully with apple and makes a wonderful cream soup or bisque. Some will julienne it to be used fresh in a coleslaw, as you'll see in one of the recipes below. The tops can be used as garnish, or as a celery flavoured herb. They can be dried and crushed to flavour soups and stews in the winter. 


The tops should be used or discarded within a week of harvest, but the root can be stored for quite a long time, refrigerated in plastic bags. 


Celeriac Soup
Celeriac Slaw


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