Market Club Membership is Now Open! 

Join the Heavenly Roots Market Club to gain access to our produce at 20% off, all season long. 

Commit to a local, seasonal, pesticide-free diet
Build a relationship with your farmers

Choose your own produce selection and quantity

Leave your cash at home, you've already paid!


How it Works

Market Club members pre-purchase credit to our market stand in the spring, and we provide them with 20% more food throughout the season. 

The Market Club is similar to a CSA (community supported agriculture) program, in that members pay in advance which supports us during the planting season early in the year. In return, members receive more food for their money, and enjoy a meaningful partnership with the people who grow their food.

You will have the flexibility to attend market when you like, and You select the fruits and vegetables which suit your needs. You'll have a tab at our stand and your purchases are tracked at the market, so you don't have to carry cash or use a card to shop at our stand. 

The Details  

Market Club Memberships cost $200.  Throughout the season you will be redeemed with $240 worth of produce. Cool, right!?
Then, shop our stand during either of our weekly markets in Centennial Park:
Tuesday 2pm-6pm (June-October) or
Saturday 9am-4pm (April-December).

Memberships are for sale until May 15th, 2020. Contact us at to register. We accept cash, cheques and e-transfers for payment. 

Thanks for considering the Heavenly Roots Market Club and for supporting local agriculture! 


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